• Gorzag

    Hey, your comic is back ! Great ! In a more traditional format, apparently. Well, I liked the evolving pages but this is good too. 😀

    If I may offer a suggestion, you should add a button to go to the last page, not just to the next.

    • Hey Gorzag! Great to have you here my friend ^___^

      Yeah, really had to take care of the website before moving ahead with the project. The flash version became very conflicting, but I’m still thinking of using HTML5 or something more ‘mobile friendly’ to have th turbo version back online… we’ll see…

      I’m still working on re-formating book two, but I’ll definitely add that last page button. thanks for pointing that out.

      • Gorzag

        I know how Flash can be problematic nowadays. (too bad, I liked Flash) Anyway, a HTML5 version would be great.

        Good luck with book two, then. 🙂