"The Idea was to get as much out of my head as I could..."

I had lots of ideas, writings and drawings saved, but never did anything else with them. I think, as happens to many, that I was waiting for the right time to work on my stories, but the years

went on and on and you know, it’s never the right time, you have to create such conditions for yourself. The day I understood that, I began working on this project.

It was the year 2008.

I was searching for a different way of delivering comics on the web and after some research and trying different things, I developed the Turbo Mode, which consisted in the alteration of the narrative flow and the time-space relation of the sequences by the means of different interactive resources, this was quite exciting as not only required me to plan and write the sequences from a whole other perspective, but also there was a reading experience impossible to achieve with the printed format. www.turbodefiant.com began in January 2010 and the Turbo Mode was very well received. It was funny how it was so appealing to young readers and actually people that don't read much comics. Years later I saw Marvel doing something very similar for their line of interactive comics.

It's a tremendous amount of extra work, but I love doing comics this way. Here in the clip you can see a bit of how it works.

The Flash Situation

or "Le Temps Detruit Tout"

The project grew and eventually led me to the point that every creator of webcomics wants and that is to bring his creation to print, but at the same time the development and distribution of mobile devices grew stronger, I noticed in my stats more hits from phones and tablets and therefore, more comments from readers who could not see the comic in Turbo Mode because it is grounded in Flash.Not only I printed Turbo Defiant, but I decided to sell my apartment (yes, I know...) and start my own publishing company, something that I wanted to do for so many years that at the time felt like a very natural step, but I didn’t realise it would impose an enormous challenge to the continuity of this website.

Since 2013, the activities related to the production and promotion of the book coupled with my regular job at Marvel forced me to suspend the weekly online publication. The Flash situation continued to become more severe to the point that most of those who discover the comic nowadays can’t read it.


Were do we stand today.

The story has to continue and this year I want to finish the third book of the series, but I had to remove the Turbo version of the comic for obvious reasons and the previous version of the site simply can't work right without that element, so everything had to go. Such a hard decision to make, but I'm really  happy that this new website allows anyone to discover Turbo Defiant and read the comic on any platform.

"And what about the Turbo version? Is that it?" — It might as well be the end of it, but there's a light of hope on the horizon...


Enter the Patreon

Patreon is an awesome platform that allows people to support their preferred artists with a monthly amount so they can keep creating nonstop. I've taken the advice from quite a few of you and decided to finally open my account. On Patreon, I will be sharing exclusive content and very special things for all those who enjoy my work, but also with your support we can reach the goal to develop -once and for all- the ultimate Turbo HD multi-platform version of the comic.


The investment I made for the development of the previous website was quite big and batshit insane if you take into account that the comic was always 100% free and ad-free reading experience. It was a work full of enthusiasm and enormous effort, something I wanted to do and give it to the world, but this time is absolutely out of my reach. However, if you want to see Turbo Defiant in all its splendor back, for me it will be more than a pleasure and I think together we can achieve it.

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The Story Continues...