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Patreon is a pretty awesome platform that allows people to support their preferred artists with a monthly amount so creators can keep doing cool stuff and developing their craft. After the advice of some of you my fellow Defiants, I’ve decided to put a profile up there.  I really gave it a great deal of thought to this, but now that the production of Turbo Defiant Book 3 is on its way and I have my publishing company to manage as well,  it’s just impossible for me to take care of all the things I have to do.  This could really help me to get assistance for the company part and allow me to focus back to my career without burning my brains out.

I’ve kept things quite simple regarding Pledges & Rewards and it’s you my friends that will set up the pace of were can we go from here by sharing and helping me reach the goals, which will have pretty cool rewards for everyone.

So, there are four tiers: You can pledge 1 dollar, 5 dollars, 20 dollars or even a 100 dollars (limited to 10 patrons). Go check my patreon page to discover the rewards you get for each pledge